Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Told You So...

What have I been saying since Day One in the Caylee Anthony case? What have I been telling everyone about where Caylee's body was? Pick lip. Pick lip. Pick lip. I could see Caylee and I could see a picnic table, you know, a rounded one, made of cement, like you see in a picnic area, not a wooden rectangular one. There was no mention on the news or even by Nancy Grace - and she above all people should know - of a picnic table anywhere in the picture. Pick lip. Pick lip. Pick lip.

I have obsessed and obsessed over it, so much so that I have been on the internet AGAIN over the past few weeks doing searches and asking people if there was a picnic table near where she was found. The answer was always "no." Pick lip. Pick lip. Pick lip.

So then I thought, well, maybe the picnic table was in a park area; maybe the body was NEAR a park. I was told last week, no, that the body was disposed of in a "pet cemetary." This has caused me stress. Doubting myself and feeling that others would doubt me. Feelings of guilt. I should have told someone. Pick lip. Pick lip. Pick lip.

So today I am eating lunch and have the trial on for about 20 minutes. Is it such a coincidence that within that 20 minutes, what I saw on the screen gave me chills up my spine, made my stomach drop and my mouth hang open? Cause me to pick my lip, pick my lip?

An investigator who led a cadaver dog around the Anthony's backyard describes how he shut the gate and allowed the dog, Garris, to wander around the yard unleashed, hunting for the odor of the cadaver of sweet Caylee Anthony. And where was the dog's trained final alert? Where did the dog stop, sit with his tail up, looking the officer directly in the eye? Where did the officer circle on the exhibit photo of the Anthony's backyard where the dog "found" the decompostion smell? To the right of an oval, cement picnic table. It appears to be of cement; maybe it is plastic made to look like cement but from the photo above, it looks like cement. Does it matter? I thought I knew everything about the Anthony case, but I never knew there was a picnic table in the backyard! I had never seen a photo of it. All I ever heard mention of was the two sheds, the playhouse, and the above ground pool.

So can you see now why I am upset? My feelings are so stupid yet I can't make them go away. As we know, OCD is not logical. I feel feelings of guilt and why did I have to "know" this? Why didn't I say something? Why has this been in my head since 2008 and how can I get it out? As usual, I am leaving that to this blog.