Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Under the Boardwalk

Long Time No See

I know I have been neglecting this blog, but things have actually been quite bearable in the OCD world, except for the facts that "Under the Boardwalk" has been playing in my head for a week and a half after Clay Aiken sang it on Celebrity Apprentice.

In other OCD news, I have been waiting for over a month now to receive a contract for a job which is hopefully going to start this summer. Notice I didn't say "patiently" waiting. Every time my "You've Got Mail" tone goes off on my phone, I say, "Please let it be her." But it's not. I have another position for Plan B, but this job is really my first choice.

And now, starting this week, my newest obsession is this: J and I went to Austin this weekend to see a friend of mine I just reconnected with after 30 years. We drove all the way from Houston. We didn't know anyone else there besides my friend and her husband (whom we had met once). We were very polite, talkative, had a nice visit with others, met their kids, didn't get drunk or rowdy. We did leave after 2 hrs (3-hr party), but we were not the first to leave. That evening on FB I thanked them for their hospitality, said we had a good time. I did not get a response. We play Words with Friends, so this week while we were playing I wrote, "Enjoyed the visit very much and meeting your precious kids." Still no response. Now I am obsessing that for some reason my friend is mad at me. I know it is not logical. Of course! OCD is anything but logical! But I worry and worry about it to the point that I am considering not playing the game anymore. It has taken my fun out of it and playing with others, as well. J said that she wouldn't play the game with me if we had done something to offend them.

What are your latest obsessions?