Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Checking In

The above sign sends me into a panic. Today I have checked my phone, I know, at least 100 times. I have it set to "silent." I constantly check to see if it's blinking. If it's not, I check to see if it was blinking and then stopped.
I have been extremely down since yesterday. I had to call my counselor, and that is something I hardly ever do. She was in the airport, but she answered anyway. I appreciated that so much. So if you're reading this, E.G., thank you very much.
Today I had to do something I wasn't happy about but really have no choice. My life is taking a turn today and I'm not sure in which direction, so that is scaring me to death and I can see my symptoms worsening by the hour.
Tonight we're going to Ash Wednesday service and then to Cafe Express. Hope that will take some of the attention off of the OCD for a few hours.

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