Friday, April 22, 2011

Would You Like To Contribute To My Novel?

My protagonist is a counter, even numbers only. She organizes everything in pairs. I am at a loss since I am not much of a counter. What are some things you count out in the real world? Thanks.



  1. I have OCD, my mom has never been diagnosed. But, she went through a counting spell for years where she counted letters on billboards and road signs as she was driving. She had to group the letters in 3's and end with a perfect set of 3. If she didn't achieve this, she would have a lot of anxiety. I have never been a counter myself.

  2. I count floor tiles, windows in house or building, letters in a word, buttons on a shirt, buttons on an elevator, squares, circles or shapes in a pattern. I mean, I count so many things that I can't remember.

  3. I count M and M's. I sort them out into pairs of matching colors.
    I also have this thing where, when people are talking, I pick words from the conversation at random, count the total number of letters in the word, and the number of vowels. Then I assign it a fraction. So, take the word interesting. I would go "11, 4, four elevenths." I prefer words with nine letters and three vowels.
    Good luck on your novel!