Thursday, September 5, 2013

Magic Kingdom and Wicked Spoilers

Have I told you lately how much I hate OCD? Do any of you have obsessions with behind the scenes/special effects of things? A few months ago, I was obsessed with the utilidoors at Disneyworld. I feel like the last person on earth who knew the secret. When my brother started telling me about them, he said not to look into it more because it would ruin my fantasy of Disneyworld. Sure enough, he was right. If any of you are curious and don't care if you ruin your Disney experience, here is more info about the utilidors. You can even take a "tour" of the utilidors. The guy who snuck in and filmed this was kicked out of Disneyworld for life. Now I am obsessed with the musical Wicked. And not simply the musical, but a specific scene during the song "Defying Gravity", when Elphaba ascends. During the musical, I missed so much of the song because I was trying to find the secret platform that lifts Elphaba up. In this video it shows how it actually works. Now that scene will be ruined for me, too. Ugh! Hope I haven't spoiled anything for you here, but you were warned!

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