Sunday, May 31, 2015

Toilets and Salesmen

Went to Enterprise today to rent a car since both our cars were lost in the Memorial day flood. Here's what the women's restroom looked like:

Luckily, there was a lock on the door. I swear I have dreamt this many times in the past. James Van Praagh talks about deja vu being part of levels of consciousness, that there is no time or space, so in a sense, we have actually been there before. I don't know what grosses me out more, that there are two toilets next to each other, that one's lid is lifted or that two people are sharing hand sanitizer and a trash can. I've never seen hand sanitizer next to toilets, only next to sinks, so that part kind of stuck with me there.

Also, yesterday we were at the car dealership, in the salesman's office, trying to decide how to finance my car purchase. We were in there at least 45 minutes. He had a super giant aquarium in there, took up one half of the wall. In the lower left-hand corner, there was a blue and gold stripped fish, kind of looked like a bass, and it appeared to be dying.

When I pointed it out to the guy, he said, "Oh, it's all right. If I were to tap on the glass, he'd take off swimming in a flash." I could tell he thought I didn't believe him, so after continuously staring back at the fish - I guess it was obvious I wasn't paying much attention after that to his "why lease instead of buy" speech - he walked over to the tank and said, "He does this all the time." Tap, tap, tap. Not much movement. He tapped a little more aggressively. Still not much movement.

"Well, he does this all the time," he repeated as he went back to sit down. A little while later, I smiled when I saw the fish start swimming straight up toward the surface, but its attempt was futile and it sunk back down to the aquarium gravel and proceeded to swim upside down across to the center of the tank and lay its upside-down head on the rock." For that brief moment, I thought to myself, "Now I don't have to worry that that fish is dying." But there it laid until we were finished with our meeting.  The man walked back over to the tank and said in a concerned voice, "Maybe he ate a snail or something, I don't know." What? Where did that diagnosis come from? As I walked out the door, I tried to take a mental snapshot of what it looked like, so that when we go back in next weekend, I will look for him. I would have taken a photo if I thought I wouldn't look stupid.

Now, I feel like I am might be buying a car from a liar. But aren't all sales persons liars to some degree? No, I wasn't. Anyone know of an HONEST car sales person in H-town?


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