Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just Putting It Out There

Life is crazy right now. Last night I broke down and cried for half an hour. There is never enough time in a day. Yeah, I know you are all going to say "I told ya so. You should have ordered the meds." I don't feel great this morning, but better than yesterday.

My grandmother is in ICU in Florida, with no family around her. As soon as I heard this on Monday, my thought was "I didn't send the recap." You see, each week I mail my grandmother a recap from The Amazing Race from the Mrs. Loudshoes blog. Things have gotten so hectic around here, that I had not had time to print it out for last week's episode, so there you go. Of course, something should happen to her and I feel like it's my fault.

I have since said it outloud and on this blog. Hopefully, that will take care of it.

Yesterday, absolutely nothing could go my way - nada. Today my wish is for just one thing to: be easy, work the first time, be self-explanatory, function properly, be delivered on time by a friendly delivery person without complaints.

I picture myself manually wheeling a wheelchair (with me in it) up a steep hill. I can't get out of the wheelchair, and my progress up that hill totally depends on the weight of my load and the amount of strength I possess.

Okay. Pity party over. Back to work. I hope all of my readers have a great Thursday!

Race y'all to the top of that hill!


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