Sunday, July 11, 2010

More On Checking

This is a postscript to my other post below.
The internet has also been a godsend to my checking routine. I first noticed it years ago when I would type an e-mail. I would send it, then check to see if I really sent it. Then I would check it and read it again. I would sometimes read an e-mail about 20 times, day after day, if need be, until I got a response. Sometimes I would re-read e-mails from months and years ago. (I used to save everything.) I have since been pretty good at purging my e-mail box for old e-mails, sent and received.
Then I started my other blog. I would check it many times daily to see if I had any new followers, to see if I had any new comments. Then I started checking my blog roll to see if anyone had posted anything new. Thank God for blog rolls because years ago, I used to click on each blog in my favorites list to check them. That took a good chunk of time because I follow over 50 blogs. Finally, I figured out how to follow people by making a blog roll, which cut down on my checking time. I was in heaven when I got my current job because I am at the computer all day and can check all day long to my heart's content. I pretty much break out into a cold sweat thinking about how I am going to be able to handle a new job where I can't check all day long.
Then along came Facebook, and what do you know, a phone that will tell me when I get a Facebook message, reply to a comment, photo, or post. In addition to checking Facebook from my home and office computers, I still check my phone because I am never certain that it is reliable enough to report all messages.
My love tells me that I am now obsessed with Sudoku on my phone. I admit I play it when I am anxious, which is every day, so, yeah, I guess it is a compulsion of some sort. Still waiting to hear from any of your experiences with checking.

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