Friday, July 16, 2010

The OCD Project - Finale July 15, 2010

Man, I hated to see it end, but didn't they all do GREAT! For the last roundtable exposures, I don't remember Jerry doing one. If he did, would someone please remind me?

Cody, man, he has really come a long way. He shaved his hair straight down the middle.
Arine had to put blood on her hand from a syringe.
Traci wrote that her son was in the hospital dying from cancer on the cancer cake.
Everyone stuck their fingers into the cake and tasted it, including Kristen!!

There were many things I liked about the finale. I liked that each person was shown a video of themselves at the beginning of their treatment. Nothing quite says "reality" like seeing yourself on film. Kind of like me looking at a photo of myself and seeing how fat I've become. For Kristen especially, they needed to see how far they have come. She seemed to be so discouraged when Dr. T mentioned more in-patient treatment. Wouldn't we all have felt that way? Again, if you go to her blog listed on my blog roll, you will see that she finished her second in-house treatment and did very well.

I was also glad that we could see everyone two months later. Their faces said it all. They all looked so much more relaxed and comfortable with themselves, confident. Cody enrolled in college, was driving, and had a cell phone. I'm not sure what the significance of the cell phone comment was, but it had to mean something special to him.

Arine is feeding the homeless, which is very dear to my heart since I do that, as well, on Sundays. To me, though, she didn't seem very happy. Maybe it was just the mood she was in that day or something else is going on. Or maybe she was feeling discouraged for some reason. She should be very proud of herself. I would not even think twice about riding in a car she was driving!

Jerry, wow, he came so far. Just look at him working on those cars! He acted like a completely different person, looking Dr. T in the eye. He seemed very grateful for the experience.

Traci is letting her son do outside activities, and I was especially glad to know that when her mother got sick, she did not go back to doing her compulsions.

And I am glad that Dr. T did not forget about Kevin. He has done some awesome paintings that are on his Facebook page. Here is also a link to his new website if you are interested. It is still in the developing stages. Click here.

The finale was great, and I can't wait until next season. I hope these six amazing people will go on Oprah or some other show so we can see their progress later on!

I do have a problem with the show that I remembered last night. They keep putting a caption under Liz McInvale that reads "Former OCD Sufferer." I find that very misleading. On her blog on her website, as late as January of 2010, she admitted that she is still struggling. I am not a believer that OCD can be cured but that it can be managed, so I don't like the word "former." Correct me if I'm wrong, but during the show's run, didn't Dr. T say things like "getting rid of OCD"? I just don't think you can actually get rid of it, but, hey, what do I know? That would be another good title for this blog - Hey, What Do I Know?


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