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The OCD Project - July 8, 2010

Okay, the finale is next week. I can almost hear my withdrawal. The patients have all come a long way since the beginning. As usual, I am late in writing this recap but here it goes.

First, I just want to say a word about this week's YBOCS scores. Traci is the lowest!!!!! Again, this is not a race, I know, but good job, Traci. Kristen has the highest score but that only makes sense since she started out the highest. More about Kristen later.

Jerry and Cody started out tied for second from highest. Cody's level went up a bit, where Jerry's went way down. I am glad that this did not upset and discourage Cody. Arine appeared to be third from lowest, but I still feel that she appears much more in control of her OCD, anxiety level, and emotions. It may just be because we are given a lot more opportunities of seeing Arine in action over the entire season. Her exposures just tend to stand out in my mind as being the most successful.

And Cody, what was with the hair, dude?

This week Dr. Tolin did home visits. I can imagine that these exposures were the toughest yet.

Arine told Cody and the camera that she didn't want to go home. Having to face the stress of everyday life and surroundings is bound to make OCD raise its ugly head. Home is where the real test begins... the contamination of her house with blood. Blood, why does it always have to be blood? Ha ha. Instead of getting upset or making a fuss, Arine always seems to shrug it off and make some humorous comeback to Dr. Tolin.

I would have cried if I had had to put blood on my new pillows. Good for her for taking the initiative of touching the toilet and plunger and for standing in the dumpster. She couldn't hoist herself up into the dumpster; but, of course, Dr. T found a way! Arine knows what she has to do to beat OCD!

One of my favorite lines from the episode - "I am more than ready to get out of this dumpster. Thank you."

A make-up artist made Cody's face look uneven and deformed. I wish I could find a photo of this. Please let me know if you find one. Looks like he had had a major crash with a concrete sidewalk and let it fester. You could tell this really stressed Cody out. It was hysterical when he asked Kristen to kiss him. Jerry's comments were very supportive.

Most hysterical quote of the episode was from Kristen when Cody asked her to kiss him - "I probably wouldn't have kissed you with a normal face. I would take you to the hospital. I want to fix you." Such a cute answer.

Traci's visit to the cemetary was touching. She had not been there in a long time. She got to do some grieving that she really needed to do. She felt like if she grieved, it's like she was going to be forgetting her fiance. Her crying at the cemetary was coming from deep in her gut. Then she went to her house. She was asked to turn off the faucet and the lights in a way that would kill her son (on and off one time). Her mom looked on in awe as she was able to do this.

Kristen's exposure was to contaminate her apartment with urine. The exposure didn't go so well. Jerry came along to help spread male germs around. Brother Theo was there for support. Gotta love Theo! Wow, what a nice home Kristen has and she had to spread pee all over it. She threw a bit of a fit. Dr. T said that she was taking a mental inventory of everything she contaminated and was going to clean or throw those items away later. Dr. T took her outside so that Jerry could contaminate her home behind her back. I think Kristen can get better but it will definitely take her more time and more perseverance. Dr. T told her that he recommends that she do another in-patient program. I hope she tries really hard in another treatment program and that she has a lot of support from her family and friends.

When Jerry went home, we saw that he had stashed a lot of stuff away to keep from passing it and his thoughts on to other people. For his exposure he actually threw this garbage away. Jerry works SO HARD! He does "the damn program!" Jerry and I share a common fear - airplanes. I cannot stand airplanes. My anxiety level on an airplane probably rarely goes below an 85. I have tried everything except medication for my fear of flying. I am so glad he got on that plane and even happier that he didn't jump out of it! I could relate to all the things Jerry was saying on the plane. "I can't get out. I absolutely have to get out of this plane!" I remember my first plane trip and it definitely wasn't easy. It doesn't get any easier for me; I hope it gets easier for Jerry so that he can go wherever he wishes. Lots of fun trips are missed out on when you can't travel by air.

Dr. Tolin did an amazing job this first season with these patients. He obviously was not able to "fix" everyone. That's just not possible. I've had to learn that as a teacher, as well. And will we ever really be "fixed"? And, do we really want to be? Yeah, on some level, we really do.



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