Friday, July 9, 2010

What Lindsay Lohan and I Have in Common

Well, it's definitely not our looks and I have yet to be arrested for anything. No, what we have in common is Trazadone. It is one of the many prescription drugs she takes. I have been taking Trazadone for a little over a year now. I started with 100 mg and worked my way up to needing 200. Now the 200 isn't working and I find myself awake most nights. The only thing that has helped is chasing the Trazadone down with 2 tablespoons of Nyquil. I can't do that forever.

The worst sleeping medicine I ever took was Ambien. It gave me what Vickie Shaw would say is Ambienesia. I would simply not remember doing things after I took it. Scary. One night I actually got up, walked over to the computer, turned it on and waited for it to boot up, wrote an entry in my blog, saved it, shut the computer down, and went back to bed. Didn't remember any of it. If I had not seen my blog entry the next day, I wouldn't have believed it. Also, one night I kept seeing faces in the light on the modem. Hallucinations aren't for me.

They tried me on something else for a short time but it caused me to feel hung over. Can't remember what it was.

Several years ago, I was taking Risperdal for my racing, intrusive, violent thoughts at night. I gained a lot of weight while taking it. Okay, the alcohol didn't help any, either. Now, I find my mind races a lot at night, but the thoughts are usually not violent. Last night, I had to make memos in my Blackberry of what I need to write about on both of my blogs. Then when I turned on the TV, Joy Behar was interviewing Carol Burnett who was talking about her new book This Time Together, which reminded me that I needed to make another list in my Blackberry of books that I want to read. Then, of course, that led to another list of the movies I want to see and then yet another list of ringtones I would buy if I could. And around and around we go. Sound familiar?

My father told me that Dr. Oz recommends counting backwards by 3's from 300. I am going to try doing that tonight.

What helps you sleep? Please comment below.



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