Monday, August 9, 2010

And again...

I read somewhere this week that exercise is supposed to help your OCD and also help you sleep. I excercised a lot this weekend and my OCD is raging and it hasn't helped my sleep, either. I woke up at 3:51 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. I had every intention of getting up an hour early to do said exercise, but since I couldn't sleep and today is a 14-hr day for me, I didn't go.

Last night I had another grim reaper dream. This time I went to the home of a long-time family friend. She and her husband have known my parents since I was a kid. I haven't actually seen her in about 30 years, but I talk to her daughters on Facebook once in awhile.

Anyway, when I got to her house it was very obvious that she was sick, REALLY sick. She had - you know - I can't even type the word. She had the Big C. Now I'm thinking I shouldn't have even typed that but I'm going to leave it up to challenge myself. So now I am fighting the urge - again - to tell her daughters to take her to the doctor to have her checked out for the above mentioned disease. I am probably going to see this woman in September at my parents' 50th wedding anniversary party. Not sure I can even look her in the eye, if she's alive, that is.



  1. I have been exercising lately, too, because my doctor told me it would help with sleep and stress. I don't think it works as quickly as you're hoping for it to. It works if you do it on a regular basis. My doctor told me the important thing is to get a little aerobic exercise every day if possible. I have been working on it. I'm not very good at doing it every day, but I manage to a few times a week. I think if you keep it up, you'll see a difference. Good luck!

  2. I'm sorry you keep having sucky dreams. Recording scripts helps me with thoughts that freak me out--it's not easy, but listening to a script about the things you fear can allow you to let the thoughts go. It could be worth it to take the risk of not warning the daughters to take their mother to a doctor, because OCD would demand absolute certainty that you've protected her, and it will never let up, only ask for more and more if you do the compulsion of warning people based on your dreams, or the compulsion of ruminating about whether to tell them.