Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eye Rolls

Another post about checking. I checked a lot yesterday. I kept going into my boss's office to check to make sure I hadn't layed a file folder on top of his glasses. Each time, I would be sitting at my desk and have to check. I caught myself rolling my eyes, letting out an audible sigh, and then saying to myself, "I hate this." Do any of you say something to yourself when you have to go back and check?
I find that I tend to check a lot of things that force me to walk to another place. I will go repeatedly back into the file room and into a file cabinet to make sure I put a document in the correct place. Or I will go into the kitchen to make sure I put something away or double triple check that I didn't miss a fax or phone call. I probably notice this form of checking more because I physically get up and interrupt what I'm doing. I know I do a lot of checking at my desk: my phone, Facebook, messages, etc. but I have pretty much gotten that down to a science.
Have a nice Thursday, everyone!


  1. I still check all the time. Usually I find myself saying things like "damn it woman! it's locked already!" or "Well...Sh**" and then i just keep checking it anyway. SOmetimes I tell myself NO outloud, which kind of makes me look even nuttier when I am in public. ;)

  2. I sometimes think if someone could map out my trail as I am in the grocery store and in an obsessive state, they would see a tangle of loops, a kind of squirrely back and forth!