Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Name That Image!

Well, no one got last week's Name That Image. It was Gnip Gnop, which is Ping Pong spelled backwards. To learn more about the game click here.This week's Name That Image is a game from 1967. It is a type of Ouiji board that has a special name. See the holes around the board? You put tarot cards in those. Above the cards is a track for a black marble to roll around. You choose whether to read the letters where the marble stops or the card where the marble stops. All of this while the eye in the center watches everyone at the table.

This game was all the rage back then. Today, it would probably be black balled by parents and the company would be boycotted.

I do have a story about the night I learned this game. I was taken along by my parents to their friends' house, and, of course, the kids go away and leave the parents alone. The friends' daughter was much older than me. I was five; she was at least 13. She and her friend introduced me to the game. Of course, the lights were out so the glow-in-the-dark eye would scare me half to death. I really believed it could tell my fortune.

At that time, the creepy soap opera Dark Shadows was very popular, and a teenage actor on the show named David Hennesy was on it. Well, these girls were big time into David Hennesy. I remember they had stacks of teen magazines with his picture on it.

Somehow these girls got the young actor's phone number in Los Angeles, or so they say. They elected me to be the one who said, "Is David there?" when someone picked up the phone. I remember going home thinking that I had done something against the law and was going to be arrested.

Anyway, who knows the name of this game? Hint: Its name sounds like a religion that is very popular with celebrities right now.


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